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Money exchanged for legal adult personal services is for time and companionship only. Anything else that may or may not happen is a matter of personal choice and personal preference between two or more consenting adults of legal age, and is not contracted for, nor is requested to be contacted for, or compensated for in any manner.



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A Quick Q & A For You…


Why do you blur your facial features in your pictures?

There are several reasons why I do not show my face in my pictures and it’s definitely not because I don’t have a pretty face (wink). In essence, it has to do with my privacy on multiple levels, whether in my personal life or in my professional life outside of this industry. Stereotypes and negative stigma are still prevalent today and I do not need either of affecting my everyday life.


It also offers you much more discretion and privacy when we are out in public together; there's no risk of you being identified as a client if my face is not all over the internet and easily recognizable by the masses.

How will you be dressed?

As an experienced professional companion who understands the delicate need for discretion, I can assure you that this invaluable aspect of our encounter will never be neglected, from beginning to end; I will always be dressed in an appropriate and tasteful manner and my attire will always be carefully chosen to reflect the occasion, location and time of day. In short, I always dress to blend in and dress to impress when the occasion calls for it.


Rest assured that while I may turn some heads, I will never stand out for the wrong reason(s).

Can I bypass your screening? I want to be discreet and remain anonymous.
Discretion doesn't translate to anonymity.

  • You can be discreet by having your phone password protected so you’re the only person who has access to your text messages and emails. As it should be.

  • Sharing a device such as a home computer, a laptop or an iPad? You can be discreet by logging off your email account so your significant other doesn't have access to our correspondences.

  • You can be discreet by contacting me from your own private email account - not from the email account you share with your better-half or from your work email and by deleting all communications between us following our rendez-vous.


  • You can be discreet by reserving your hotel suite with your credit card and by paying with cash upon check-in if you don’t want the transaction appearing on your monthly credit card statement.

There are many things you can do to remain discreet and keep your extracurricular activities private.

Food for thought: would you want your daughter or a loved one to risk their life by meeting with a complete stranger who doesn't want to share any basic information about himself and wants to remain completely anonymous? I thought not. You would want her to be as safe as possible and proceed with extreme caution, too.

Simply put, you remaining anonymous jeopardizes my safety and well-beingIf you're unwilling to provide me with your full name and a valid phone number (at the very least) I'm not comfortable being alone with you. I have no desire of becoming the next horror news headline because I chose not to do my due diligence and chose to meet with anyone and everyone who wants to remain anonymous. Quite frankly, there are too many shady characters out there and the "trust me, I'm a nice guy" line just doesn't cut it.

Before meeting with you, I will also call the hotel you have made reservations at to verify your stay following your check-in. Without a guest's last name and only a room number my call will not be transferred to your suite. Without a stay confirmation I will not leave my house. I do not drive anywhere unless I can confirm your stay.


Furthermore, without your last name I will be unable to use the hotel's valet service, a convenient amenity I truly appreciate, especially over the harsh winter months and when it's raining heavily. Valet service also insures I do

not have to walk back to my car alone at night or alone in an underground parking lot. 

But what about my privacy?

In a nutshell, I am in the business of confidentiality and secrets. Not outing clients.

As an established, discreet professional companion, I adhere to respect your need for full confidentiality and will always conduct myself accordingly. As I do not utilize the services of a booking assistant I will always be the only one who will ever have temporary access to your information. Once our encounter is over, your information will be deleted within 24 hours following our get together.

If you would like me to provide you with a future reference, it is possible for me to safely store your private details in my encrypted protonmail account, up to a maximum period of 6 months following our last date.


High profile figures: depending on circumstances, I am willing to consider a non-disclosure agreement as long as said agreement doesn't compromise my safety, in any way, shape or form.  Should you wish to go forward with this option, all costs will be assumed by you.

Why do you ask for references?

When I contact another companion for a reference it's for my own peace of mind. I like to know that you were a respectful patron who didn't try to negotiate her rates (and paid her in full), didn't try to push boundaries, weren't physically abusive or perhaps someone who didn't know how to have a nice time without drinking too much or someone who likes to get high during encounters. Mostly, that you were someone who was a pleasant person to spend time with.

On the other hand, I'm "newbie friendly" and depending on how you contact me, I'm willing to accept a request without a reference. I also understand that not everyone has a recent reference to offer so I'm flexible on that front. Please, don't make me regret this decision.

Why do you require a deposit?

Deposits are meant to protect my time against fake bookers, time wasters, game players and serial cancelers (something unfortunately all too common in this industry) and to confirm your commitment in meeting, not as a tentative maybe but as a firm plan.

Going to a special event such as a charity ball, a wine tasting & food pairing evening, a concert or a play or when you purchase airfare all require you to fully prepay for your tickets in advance. Comparatively, myself being your exclusive private event, I only require an intermediate 50% deposit to reserve my time. Furthermore, 25% will be put forward a rescheduled date if you provide me with at least 24 hours notice.

My policy is more than fair and decent patrons who value and respect my time, just like they do towards their own time, understand why it is in place and have no issues with it. 

Further details can be found on my "Deposit Policy" page.

How do I know you won't run away with my deposit?

Where to start with this one?

I have been a companion since 2007. A companion who has worked relentlessly at building a solid reputation, someone who has invested countless amounts into branding, marketing, advertising, photography (and more), a professional who always understood the value of running a legitimate, ethical business and having a returning clientele. I did not go through all this trouble, time and expenses just so I could steal your deposit and ruin everything I worked for all these years. Not for a few hundred dollars or even a few thousands.


Between you and me, I'm looking to have a good time in your company and also receiving 100% of my honorarium for my time. Not 25 or 50. The full amount.

But companion (insert her name or multiple names) doesn't screen or asks for deposits.

How other companions choose to run their business is not my concern. Their business. Their choice.

My policies are in place for my own safety and to protect my time against time wasters and (serial) cancelers.

Would you jump off a building because everyone else was doing it or would you take the stairs down?

I would take the stairs down, too. 

I don't have my own bank account, only a shared one, so I can't send you a deposit.

The year is 2019 and adulting is not a new trend.

Opening up your own private account at a different financial institution is easy and takes very little time.

Unless you request otherwise, banks do not send monthly statements in the mail so you do not have to worry about leaving a paper trail. Inquire with your account manager about online banking, their policies and procedures.

What's on your menu?

Are you seeking companionship or fast food delivery? Candidly, I am not a restaurant operator selling pizzas with a selection of toppings. If a list of acronyms is that important to you, I suggest you look for a companion who offers a menu to pick from.


If you are the persistent type and still insisting on a menu, here is what I have in mind for the two of us:

Gabriella's Gourmet Menu

1. The Chef's Mystery Surprise Creations ~ 5 course meal

2. The Chef's Mystery Surprise Creations ~ 8 course tasting menu

Flavored sherbet will be served in between each course to cleanse our palates.

Optional wine pairing available.


On a more serious note...

As always, I much prefer allowing the time we spend together to unfold naturally; the combination of our mood and both of our body language at that precise moment will instinctively set the tone of our encounter. Together, we will let our own spontaneous chemistry guide us towards our candid desires.


Also note that our time together is an all-inclusive experience.

"Upsells" are not part of the sensual experience I offer.


Cheers to exploration, adventure and discovery!

Do you ever hang out with your clients?

Absolutely! All the time... during planned encounters.

Can we be "real friends"?

Although I am flattered by your vision of seeing me as a potential personal friend, I have to decline. I am delighted to share an exquisite companionship experience with you during our time together and by choice of keeping healthy boundaries, our relationship will remain on a friendly but professional level only. Please see my patronage page and my virtual companionship option for more details. Thank you.

Can I be your Sugar Daddy?

You're more than welcome to spoil me with gifts while also respecting my companionship honorarium or even offer me more than what my consideration is for my time but be aware that I do not barter gifts for time though. If you'd like to sponsor me on a monthly basis, please visit my "monthly investments" page. Thank you.

Can I date you instead?

You must be confusing me with e-harmony or some other dating site for singles.

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